Trustless SDK

The Future of Secure Embedded Finance
Peace of Mind
Sleep easy knowing your embedded finance solutions are secured by the best.
Seamless Integration
Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.
Reduce potential loss from breaches and avoid hefty non-compliance fines.
Customer Trust
Boost customer confidence by ensuring their data is always protected.

What is a Trustless SDK?

Trustless SDK is Staq's cutting-edge solution designed to integrate financial functionalities into applications without compromising on data safety and unauthorized access. It represents a paradigm shift in embedded finance, ensuring that partner applications don't directly access sensitive tokens or data, maximizing security.

How It Works

No Access to Tokens
Our SDK ensures partner applications never directly access sensitive tokens, guaranteeing unmatched data safety.
We transform sensitive data into an unreadable format both on-device and during transit, ensuring it remains inaccessible to partner apps.
Trustless SDK employs unique identifiers to replace sensitive data during payment authorization, ensuring data safety without hindering functionality.
Compliance with Security Standards
Our SDK is designed to aid businesses in meeting rigorous security standards like PCI DSS, ensuring your operations remain compliant.

Why Trustless SDK is Revolutionary

High Security

Our primary focus is robust protection for sensitive data, ensuring breaches remain a thing of the past.

Simplified Process

With Trustless SDK, businesses can focus on core operations while we handle the complex security processes.

Reduced Risk

By denying application access to sensitive data, we significantly minimize potential data breach risks.

Compliance Ease

Effortlessly adhere to essential security standards, ensuring operations remain compliant and secure.

Increased Adoption

Representing a significant leap in embedded finance solutions, Trustless SDK promotes broader and safer adoption.

Secure, Seamless Embedded Finance.