Digital document authentication simplified

Securely generate, authenticate, and retrieve programmable documents.
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Secure and transparent
Documents can be verified by anyone with the associated ID, but only read by permissioned parties.
Fraud prevention
No manual handling or human intermediaries ensuring sensitive data is always protected.
Reduce costs
Reduce administrative burden of document generation, authentication, and retrieval
Improve CX
Simple interface provides frictionless document authorization and authentication.
Digital transformation
Eliminate physical steps in authenticating your customer’s documents.
Programmable documents
Each document is programmable and can be verified, changed, or revoked in real-time.
How it works
Effortless authentication experience
Validate customers globally, safeguard against fraudsters, and create a seamless customer experience
Step 01
Upload any document to the Staq platform
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Step 02
Document is encrypted on a private blockchain and assigned a digital key
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Step 03
Document can be retrieved and verified at anytime using the key
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Packed with powerful features
Powerful and intuitive, Staq helps you safeguard sensitive documents and optimise operational efficiency.

Effortless encryption

Protect all data with secure, human-readable separation

Instant insights

Maximize agility with realtime reporting and analytics

Accelerate authentication

Real-time document issuance and verification
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Integrate with ease
Staq’s document authentication can be integrated into existing infrastructure, as a standalone or supplementary authentication solution.
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